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DEAS Construction, originally founded as the MIRA Construction Corporation in the early 2010s in Ukraine, has become a symbol of innovation and quality in the construction industry. The renaming and strategic restructuring in 2020 directed us towards expanding our capabilities and reinforcing the vision of our company. Today, as DEAS Construction, we uphold traditions of excellence, respect for cultural traditions, and a responsibility towards our clients and partners. Our portfolio of projects, ranging from cozy private homes and innovative Olympic schools to beautiful city parks and squares, reflects our journey from MIRA to DEAS, highlighting our ongoing growth and dedication to turning dreams into reality and building the future.

Our approach to each project is grounded in a deep understanding of the needs and aspirations of our clients, aiming to create not just buildings but places teeming with life and history. At DEAS Construction, we believe that our expertise and innovative solutions in construction contribute to the development of society and the improvement of the quality of life. Our goal is not only to complete projects on time and with unparalleled quality but also to establish long-term relationships with our clients, employees, and partners based on honesty, transparency, and professionalism.

Every project for us is an opportunity to elevate the standard of quality and contribute to the future of construction. We take pride in saying, “We don’t just build; we turn dreams into reality and construct the future,” transforming the landscapes of our cities and communities through the broad spectrum of our construction endeavors.

The war has inevitably altered our plans and projects, compelling us to leave our hometown of Mariupol, now under Russian occupation. This profound change has not diminished our resolve but redirected our journey to the United States, a nation that has welcomed us with new opportunities. In the US, we are eager to leverage our expertise and passion for construction, seeking partnerships and new ventures. Our Ukrainian roots remain a core part of our identity and drive, and as we embark on this new chapter, we are committed to demonstrating the same level of professionalism and innovation that has always defined us. Now in the US, we are open to exploring new horizons and building not just structures, but futures.

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We approach architecture with innovation and sustainability at its core, ensuring every design seamlessly integrates into its environment while reflecting our commitment to excellence. Our focus is on creating structures that not only meet today's needs but also anticipate future challenges, promoting efficiency, and enhancing the human experience.


In every project, we showcase our expertise in creating spaces where beauty meets functionality. Our team works closely with each client to turn their vision into reality, attentively listening to their wishes and preferences. We take pride in offering personalized interior solutions that reflect the latest design trends and the client's personal style. Our interior projects are a harmony of aesthetics and comfort, crafted for everyday joy and satisfaction.


Our planning services are based on strategic vision and analysis with the aim of creating an environment that promotes societal development. By balancing aesthetic vision with practical solutions, we design spaces that are sustainable, accessible, and reflect the values and needs of society. Our commitment to detailed planning ensures the development of environments that improve the quality of life for everyone, making each project a testament to thoughtful and inclusive design.



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+ 1 (732) 371 8209


+ 1 (732) 371 8209

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