Freedom Square in Mariupol

Project description.


The Freedom Square project in Mariupol, spanning nearly 10 acres, emerged as a beacon of innovation and community spirit under the adept leadership of DEAS Construction as the general contractor.

This visionary endeavor introduced a 32-meter-long dry fountain tunnel, a multifunctional building that doubles as a dining venue and performance space, transitioning into an amphitheater on the other side.
The redesign of the park’s zoning included the creation of a peace monument and a memorial to fallen Ukrainian officers, enriching the site’s cultural significance.

The project also featured a state-of-the-art children’s playground equipped by the global leader HAGS, tailored to different age groups, and enhanced the greenery with the planting of thousands of trees and extensive lawns.

Additionally, a comprehensive update of the park’s lighting system and the installation of an automatic irrigation system were implemented. The square boasts intricately carved marble paving spelling out “Mariupol,” symbolizing the city’s resilience. The collaboration with company Expolight on the square’s lighting setup achieved an unparalleled level of innovation, illuminating the essence of Mariupol’s spirit.

DEAS Construction’s successful coordination of all subcontractors into a well-oiled mechanism was recognized through multiple awards, highlighting the company’s capability to tackle ambitious tasks and bring such a significant project to completion with excellence and innovation.

25 birds

The square features 25 birds representing Ukraine's 25 regions, each embodying freedom, authenticity, and uniqueness, mirroring the regions themselves. Each bird is decorated with perforations according to the embroidery pattern corresponding to each region.

A laser show, within the framework of which projections of 25 colors appear throughout the square, as symbols of 25 regions of Ukraine, in motion they are transformed into the contours of the regions and then unite into a single Ukraine.


The longest arch fountain in Europe, spanning 32 meters with illumination and jet heights of about 3.5 meters, is built on the principle of a hidden monolithic basin, known as the dry style.

It became a highlight of the city, with every resident considering it an honor to run under its spray.

The food hall

The food hall is 550 square meters multifunctional concrete edifice that incorporates several features into one cohesive structure. On the front, it serves as an amphitheater and stage for concerts and city events. The rear houses the food hall itself, featuring 6 restaurants and a relaxation area.

Technical spaces include a fountain pump room and a control unit for the lighting and projection system. This building is thoroughly integrated with communications, making it a versatile and innovative addition to the urban landscape.


The first interactive square in Ukraine and Europe exists in both the virtual and real worlds. It features 25 bird sculptures that not only illuminate with light and laser shows but also symbolize the regions of Ukraine. The square's pavement spans several thousand square meters of laid granite slabs that form a pattern, with the city name Mariupol crafted from stone at its center. This square represents a complex technological solution.

Peace Bell

The "Peace Bell" memorial is a structure with a bronze bell weighing over 500 kg. The sculpture symbolizes tranquility, peaceful life, and friendship, eternal brotherhood, and solidarity among peoples. At the same time, it is a call to action for the preservation of peace and life on Earth. The bell is located above a granite slab, on which the words "peace" and "freedom" are carved in different languages, symbolizing the importance of peace and freedom for all peoples.

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