Olympic Training Center

Project description.


The “Prometheus” Gymnastics School project in Mariupol stood out as one of DEAS Construction’s most ambitious endeavors, aimed at crafting a nurturing ground for the next generation of Olympians across an expansive area of over 3,600 square meters. A distinctive feature of this comprehensive project was the inclusion of over 1,000 square meters of structural facade glazing, soaring up to 14 meters at its highest point, alongside a similar quantity of composite aluminum panels for the facade, intricately designed with a gymnast motif to symbolize the pursuit of excellence.

By the advent of military actions, the project saw about 80% completion, incorporating state-of-the-art internal networks such as internet, video surveillance, electricity, air conditioning, ventilation, heating, and notably, an innovative warm wall system in the pool area. This system was part of a meticulously designed 25-meter long, four-lane swimming pool, adding a significant dimension to the facility’s offerings. The gymnastics hall came equipped with gear from global leaders, supplemented by a SPA salon with a steam room for athletes’ relaxation, a café, a gymnasium, a dance hall, and a professional archery range, among other features.

“Prometheus” was not merely a sports facility; it was a testament to DEAS Construction’s innovation and professionalism in architecture and construction, demonstrating the ability to execute complex projects that cater to modern requirements and technologies, while also embodying a forward-thinking approach to the development of state-of-the-art sports complexes. This project, with its ambitious scope including the swimming pool, was designed to be a beacon of athletic prowess and community development, setting a new standard for sports facility construction.

The new faсade

Our team of architects and builders faced the challenge of not just changing the appearance but also transforming the philosophy of the structure. The new facade, comprising over 1000 square meters of structural glazing and an equal amount of composite panels, has rendered the building unrecognizable. A specially designed metal structure allowed for a unified facade height along the front and side elevations. Special anchors from the global leader Hilti were employed to secure key nodes of the facade in conjunction with the new metal structure.

The gymnastics hall

Designed as the primary training ground for future Olympians, the renovation was not only aimed at refreshing the space but also reconfiguring it to meet international standards. The installation of competitive, training, and additional gymnastics equipment and apparatus was in accordance with the regulations of the International Gymnastics Federation (FIG), featuring products from renowned manufacturers such as Spieth Gymnastics GmbH (Germany), Janssen-Fritsen (Netherlands), SA Spieth America (USA), and Eurotramp Trampoline - Kurt Hack GmbH (Germany).

Swimming pool

The 25-meter pool with six lanes, featuring a water surface area of 350 m², a water volume of 847 m³, and a depth ranging from 1.25 to 3.8 meters, presented a complex challenge. The task encompassed not just technological upgrades and tile replacement but also the repair of the concrete basin and a complete overhaul of the overflow and water recirculation system to the Finnish trough type. The pool space includes a 'warm wall' system to maintain a comfortable temperature during cold winter. The water treatment and purification system underwent a complete reevaluation and redesign.

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