Pediatric Outpatient Clinic

Project description.


The renovation of the pediatric outpatient clinic, housed in a building constructed in the 1940s, presented a significant challenge. The project aimed not only to meet modern construction standards but also to revitalize a “tired” structure.

The DEAS team successfully transformed the three-story, 2435 square meter hospital wing, modernizing its facade with architectural elements for a contemporary look and completely overhauling the interior layout. All internal communications, floors, and staircases were replaced, making the exterior a new highlight of the city. The interior, brightened with colorful panels and wall drawings, now offers a welcoming environment for young visitors, alleviating their anxiety about doctor visits. This comprehensive approach not only addressed structural issues but also revitalized the building’s spirit and psychology, making it a model of modern medical facility design.

New Exterior of facade

Our team undertook significant work on the facade of the pediatric clinic: The renovation introduced a modernized facade that combines aesthetics with functionality. Utilizing contemporary materials and design principles, we transformed the building's exterior and emphasized the clinic's commitment to providing a welcoming and safe environment for its young patients and their families. The use of modern construction materials facilitated a departure from the building's Soviet past, originally constructed from brick.


Our team carried out significant work on the pediatric clinic's roof, transforming it according to modern standards and the building's new design. The original roof was multi-leveled and had deteriorated. During renovation, we changed the building's height, not only restoring the roof's condition but also aligning it with new architectural requirements, ensuring harmony with the updated facade. These changes enhanced the roof's functionality and gave the building a contemporary visual expression.


The interior of the hospital was next. Interior tiles meeting medical institution standards were used, incorporating child-friendly colors. The building's three floors underwent complete renovation, adopting a new style. All internal communications were replaced, ensuring the infrastructure met modern medical and technological requirements. This comprehensive approach not only enhanced the aesthetic appeal but also improved the functionality and safety of the hospital's interior environment, making it more welcoming for young patients and their families.

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