Theatrical Square

Project description.


In 2018-2019, the Theatrical Square in Mariupol underwent extensive renovation, transforming into one of the city’s most innovative and symbolic spots. The renovation included updating relaxation zones, installing unique installations and alleys, and creating a space for local artists.

A new “dancing” fountain and a children’s play area were constructed, alongside the installation of hundreds of lights and 70 LED lanterns. Additionally, the square was enriched with a flowering garden, including up to 200 trees and about 9,000 shrubs, significantly transforming the leisure area’s appearance. The reconstruction involved replacing paving tiles, introducing over 10 kilometers of irrigation system communications, kilometers of cable connecting the park to the city’s system, a heating system for the adjacent drama theater, changing zoning and park geometries, constructing retaining walls inlaid with granite, a unique system for attaching granite slabs of the fountain with marble inlays simulating the European Union flag, laying new communications, and installing outdoor lighting, among other features.

Our team of builders and architects involved in the project successfully tackled these ambitious tasks, demonstrating a high level of professionalism and effective coordination of all project aspects, recognized by numerous awards. A distinctive feature of this project was its completion within just four months.


A light-dynamic fountain that follows melodies. The fountain at the Theatre Square in Mariupol is a combination of engineering and art, presenting a complex solution that integrates technology and construction innovations. With a diameter of over 18 meters and an area of more than 260 square meters, its basin is made of monolithic concrete and is located below ground level. The fountain is adorned with 571 granite slabs on more than 1000 specialized supports by the Austrian company BUZON. Twelve marble stars are inlaid into the granite, symbolizing the EU flag.


The square's layout and zoning were completely revamped, with over 20,000 square meters of paving stones and kilometers of curbs laid out. Thousands of shrubs, plants, and trees were planted, and roll-out lawns were laid. Over 12 km of irrigation system tracks were installed, along with many other enhancements that remain unnoticed by visitors, all contributing to a transformed, green, and welcoming public space.


Near the theater, a playground by the German company Berlinerseilfabrik was succinctly constructed. The Trii series, inspired by tree houses, allows children to test their climbing agility and slide down in various ways. There's a separate play area for toddlers and children with disabilities, featuring numerous diverse functions. Overall, the playground harmoniously fits into the square's landscape and has its regular visitors who enjoy spending time with friends daily.

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