Project description.


The “Dubravnaya” residential complex is a serene haven nestled in the prestigious area of Donetsk, offering an exquisite blend of urban living and natural tranquility. This project unfolds over a 1.5-hectare canvas of life, featuring two-story townhouses with four spacious residential units, each boasting the individual warmth of a gas heating system, private garages, and parking spaces.

Residents can delight in their own “green zone,” a space dedicated to relaxation and harmony with nature. The expansive guest rooms and balconies offer a welcoming atmosphere, while technical rooms provide flexibility for various functional transformations, such as gyms, SPA areas, or saunas with modest pools.

The strategic location of “Dubravnaya” places residents within arm’s reach of the city’s cultural heart, surrounded by the Central Park of Culture and Leisure, the Aqua Sferra water park, and a premier hotel with state-of-the-art training rooms, SPA, and aqua zones.

Dreams and design

This residential complex is not just a place to live; it's a statement of lifestyle, offering every essential amenity to make each moment of life comfortably blissful. It embodies a home where dreams and design merge, showcasing DEAS Construction's commitment to crafting spaces that resonate with elegance and sustainable sophistication.

Durability and stability

Embracing modern construction materials and energy-saving technologies, the "Dubravnaya" stands as a monolithic frame of reinforced concrete, ensuring maximum durability and stability.

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